Tuesday, June 5, 2007

BoomTribe.com, How it got started for me,

This blog is all about what is new and fresh in my professional life, and for now this means BoomTribe.com.

My first interaction with BoomTribe, was with the marketing of the mobile entertainment aspect of BoomTribe. (part-time).

Yup, that is what I said Mobile Entertainment - u know cell phones. (alot of this blog will probably be written on my blackberry :-) )

That means ringtones, wallpapers, games, voting and txt to screen. Most of which you can figure out with a quick visit to www.BoomTribe.com/mobile

You won't see the txt to screen product on that page but those of you who have watched the TV show - Roamin would see the txt msgs scrolling across the bottom of the screen during the show. That in a nutshell is what txt to screen is, basically the viewers can send a text from their mobile phone and it would display as a scrolling message on the bottom of the screen. Yeah i though it was cool too!
We also used txt to screen and at some events - mainly the Heineken events.
- Full Moon - txt to screen only
- the DJ competition - Green Synergy - where we also used the voting to get the crowd response on DJs performances.

I also worked on setting up the Rally Txt promotion in Rally Barbados 2006, where results were delievered to the thousands of fans that line the routes during the rally.
Actually 2 drivers were also depending on the results being delivered to their phones. You see for rally when it comes to information on the Rally Standings- its slow to come by, so this service was well received by the public for sure!

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