Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A DJing Perspective

On Saturday I attended the Heineken Greeen Synergy 2007 DJ comeptition the Barbados Leg, as was treated to a great show of real DJ'ing skill. In the Caribbean for the most part we have now become accustomed to a brand of DJing which is really just about selecting tracks and not so much about mixing and coming up almost a brand new song.
On Saturday nite though I was treated to a great showing of skill and creativity where the DJ's skills spoke for themselves. It was the mixing of popular tracks that really brought the house down.
Certainly this band of DJing has been fast disappearing from the Caribbean Party scene. Its like the DJ's you hire now in some countries dont factor anymore, cause they pretty much repeat the same songs and alot of the times just go through the motions. Dont get me wrong there are still alot of DJ's out there who are doing the scratches etc.

However the prevailing wind is not to this brand of creativity

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