Friday, June 15, 2007

Impact of Cricket World Cup 2007

It was 2 years ago when many in Barbados celebrated with great joy, being rewarded the World Cup 2007. And then there was talk about how much money we will have to borrow to stage it. At the time my thinking was that with a fraction of the capital that was going to be invested into making CWC happen, we can invest it into Crop Over - a product we already have and we will reap the rewards over time, not even comparable to what CWC promised to bring with it.

I just found it ironic in having my contacts with come of the players in Crop Over this year, that they are saying that they have to scale down because there is less money available from sponsorers.

Can you guess why ? Are sponsorer backing out of Crop Over ? Was there a downturn in the Market ? ..... hmmmmm

Well the answer is not that far or complex its simply that the money that is usually there for Crop Over was spent on CWC and not recovered .... wait or should i say no yet recovered.

Ah but anyone who knows me know I'm not the ever cynical character and I'm glad to tell you that Crop Over this year is off to a whopping start - all the venues are ready to go since they were built up for world cup. The artiste felt the need to get their music out there even earlier.
National Cultural Foundation Chairman, Al Gilkes has remarked that this is shaping up to be one of the better Crop Over we have had in years.

I'm glad about that, :-)

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