Friday, July 13, 2007

First night St. Lucia

Well its the first night down at st. Lucia Carnival the word on the streets is that the lucian music is better than ever before. This is the first time the music on the radio is almost 100 % lucian.

Well I am staying in Rodney Bay area, Aqua By the Shores is right around the corner from me and that was where the lime was, just a cool bar scene people come out to have a few drinks. I got my networking done, to enhance my Lucian Carnival Experience and met 4 of the lendenary Carib Girls, there entertaining the happy, semi drunk guys by the bar.

All in all it was a nice lime small but its was my first interaction with the Lucian Carnival spirit. No its not like Trinidad Carnival.

Let make a quick side note here, what I first noticed was the few empty seats on the Liat flight in. But I sipped my complimentary mango juice I got with a smile from the air hostesss. And just continued on my merry way typing my previous post.

I was like wow, this must be just a special flight. But when I got in the immigration officer, the taxi man and the hotel's front desk did not know. Or even seem to care too much about the Carnival celebrations.

My spirit was a bit daunted as this was my adventure, not knowing much about the carnival and just coming in to really experience St. Lucia Carnival from a real tourist perspective.

Anyways it turned around went I chatted with a few friends I met a St. Augustine and gave a link I had for quite some time a call. Only to find out that he manages a club and bar.

Oh some of you might be as surprised as I was to learn that the main thing on the cards was simple bar lime on Carnival Thursday as the Trinis would say.

But I am told last nite was a massive show and tommorrow its liming from 1 pm into the wee hours of the morning.

Its left for you and I to see with my camera tommorrow.

In the lime were lots of returning lucians, who were in for the carnival and some of them movers and shakers in carnivals all over the world.

Interesting day 1.

Let's see what tommorrow brings.

Corey Graham

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