Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 2 - St. Lucia Carnival

Well I spent the day getting myself settled and ready for the days of carnival to follow.
You know you have to get to the bank and scope out all the other essentials the supermarket, pharmacy and cell phone providers. Talk to the average man in the street and try to figure out what is the vibe on the streets.
I found everything was easy as I am staying 1 minute walk from Rodney Bay Mall. Most of the people are talking about the same events.
There was Mas on the Square which was around 12 - 2 in castries. By the time it was mentioned I would have been to late.
So I made a few calls to make sure that I knew all that was going on for the rest of the time I am here.

After Work lime at CSA centre
Gros inlet - Marval - prelude to martinque Carnival in St. Lucia.
Panarama -
Outrageous in Red feat Destra*

Signature Events Foam Fete*
Private exclusive party - to find out more*

Red international fete + jouvert*
Just 4 Fun fete + Jouvert*

Mas *

Cool down party*

Measuring I will try to make them all, but I might have to revisit this after i measure my resources. (Mostly red bulls in the fridge)

Time is looking short already. I am meeting up with a few "lost" friends and learning about st. Lucia. It seems like cost of living is fairly low and there is a lot of villas and condos being built in the island.

Anyways off to get ready for Red International tonite.

Corey Graham
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