Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 3

The Saturday nite before carnival.

This is usually a big night in any carnival. There is the Calypso Finals show and for the younger people who wanted to party the move was to Foam Fete by Signature Events.
This event featured the top lucian DJ's and of course a lot of foam. Those who ventured into the foam really did enjoy themselves. The foam was waist high and was full of people.
The foam was contained in the main dance floor. And those who wanted foam where in it the whole night.
Everyone else was mainly on the balcony just partying and enjoying themselves. Lots of the ladies came out in their bikini tops and just look chic.
The fete was packed and people really did have a good time.
One point that was noted by my just arrived partner in crime was that the sound system was a bit low and not booming in your chest.
It was something I didn't notice myself as I was walking taking photos. Hmmm maybe its a cultural thing? Let's see how the rest of the trip turns out.

After we left the Foam Event in Indies nite club, I was trying to get over to a private pool party but I didn't hear from my link, so we just passed by the upper level night club, which didn't have a very good nite, and the Rumours nite club which seemed to do a lot better. But still not a massive event.

Well that is Day 3.
I'm off now to get myself ready for the grand finale over the next 3 days.
Corey Graham
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