Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The final days of St. Lucia Carnival

Wow, I am back in barbados already it was all a blur, many, many miles covered and little sleep and tonnes of pictures.

I didn't get to give you the day by day but here is a brief run down.

We took in the Oecs Soca monarch, this was a very nice show, large stage and tons of people around.
Ninji Dan took the crown and deservingly so, his presentation included a choir and human angels perched on pedestals. He was really deserving on the crown.
The other islands had their representatives however they did not put as much effort into their presentation as the St. Lucian's and so St. Lucia grabbed the top 3 spots.

Next was off to Coco Cabana club to catch red international's pre jouvert party - by the time I got there the party was in full swing and everyone on the dance floor was moving, I snapped my shots and was about to head off to Gaiety to meet up and see Just 4 Fun's pre Jouvert party, but the time was too short so I headed directly into Castries to catch the jouvert action.
Red international was ready and off to a flying start, everyone going crasy once they were touched with red paint.
It was jouvert like any other jouvert you have seen.
Since I missed the party I rushed back to catch up with Just 4 Fun. They took a little while to get going, but with the Red bull truck blaring music, everyone was ready to play as Blue Devils.
Yes and the next day was the jump, starting at 11 am. Red International was in front once again having drawn the position. I met up with a group of bajan guys in Red who were REALLY enjoying the jump, singing at the top of their voices and wining. Then I met ah trini and well u know ah trini, in carnival, a cup of rum in the air and chipping down the road.
After taking the route with Red I was off to try again with just for fun. Yeah the route isn't that long, but Just 4 Fun really lived up to their name. Just for fun, you could see that everyone in there was having fun. All the girls tick, tocking to Alpha's big tune. Girls wining on each other while I was taking photos, it was like you just could not stop them from wining. After all it was Just 4 Fun and as St. Lucia's largest band it had just about 720 reviellers.

St. Lucia Carnival didn't seem to have many visitors, I guess that's because there is the famous St. Lucia jazz festival right before the carnival.

Oh on Tues everyone goes to work for half day and then jump for carnival after. I left early that day, to prepare for my trip back home and all the stuff I would have fallen behind on.
I am glad I was able to take in another carnival experience.

Off to my next assignment.

All in all it was a good experience. Lots of good performances
Corey Graham
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Rich said...

Cool Corey. Would you go back?
Thanks for the info. I'm interested in what would you recommend to someone who wants to go.

Corey Graham 2.0 said...

Yeah, i think i would definately go back. Its definately different from what you get in Barbados or Trinidad esp with the music