Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Machel HD in Barbados

Almost 3 days have passed and I am now writing about Machel HD's performance in Barbados.
Hmmm where do I start? Let me try the beginning. After a good wait Mr Montano. At 3 am he came out with his 2007 hit Higher than High.
I have to be honest the crowd went crasy .... I talking about speakers at full blast and you can hear the crowd singing and everyone's hand in the air.
Yeah that's a tune that I know have picked up many people when they were having a challenging day. But the crowd response was electrifying.
I after that I was trying to guess his set. Guess which songs were next and I clearly didn't have a clue.
Including his short display of African dancing - just him having fun. Asking the crowd who were Africans and then dropping some classic Bob Marley, Buju and Beres.
By that time he brought back on the soca. Corey and Crew were running up and down. Lolol. Machel was clearly having fun and he said
I feel so good
I feel so good
I feel so ________ good.
(NB. Crowd filled in the blank space)

We watched as a lady jump on stage and Machel danced thing here Latin style.

We saw Zan And benjai coming out and doing their thing mashing up.

Of course the sexy Patrice was there too, performing her tunes.
Machel made note that their keyboardist is a Bajan and he is releasing a CD from Crop Over.
He said that HD family had to represent on Dwayne's album and also they had to be a part of the Crop Over in someway since they will have to be in Caribana and will miss kadooment day.
And with that Patrice and Machel sang their new release for Crop Over 2007.

Of course the grand finale was Jumbie the song that won Trinidad's Road March by the largest margin ever.
The crowd sang the 1st verse and chorus without help from Machel or the other performers.

And brought the curtain down on the show at almost 5 am.

Listening to the conversations as people left the fete. I could tell everyone was pleased with the performance. Machel in high definition (HD) with no huge special effects or lighting effects. Just his talent for entertaining. And they were pleased.
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