Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nite 2 - Outrageous in Red

Had a decent nite. Got pics and video. I was pretty surprised by what I found.
It was a big event all the top performers in the island was there. And boy did they perform!
I used to not really feel the connection with St. Lucian Soca but tonite really helped me to understand it.

There wasn't a lucian artiste coming out being backed by their own band but the artiste still managed to really captivate the crowd. And perform and had the crowd running up and down. The crowd parted like the red sea that their command, ran from left to right. Every command was followed. And everyone from all ways of Lucian life seemed to be there. All of them comfortable with one another, and everyone just having fun and enjoying the show.
For a minute there too I was wonderin if I am not back in Trinidad for Carnival cause the same vibe was in the air.
The MC was very good Pringles, the energy man of radio.
My personal favourite performers where Ricky T - "My pressure Madd madd maddd, my pressuree sick, sick, sick".
Its a real catchy tune for the road. Nice.
What was ironic is that there is a tune in Barbados by Sickie "Who say that bad man can't wuk?"
This song uses "sick, sick,sick in a similar fashion.
Next was the Power Soca Monarch - his name eludes me at this time, but he's like to st. Lucia what Machel Montano in to Trinidad, Hypa Daug to Barbados. Full of enrgy, lots of crowd response. A real dynamic performer. Feeding off the crowd. What is also ironic is that I could not understand a word he was saying because he was singing in Lucian dialect!
He was that good.
Of note was the first lady of lucian soca, she really handed herself well, with a lot of crowd response but she didn't make me
Destra, Maximus Dan and Nadia Baston all performed also but they good a good response, but nothing that made them stand out since I saw them at Trinidad Carnival 2007.
Oh! Wait there was one thing Maximus came up and created dances to all the umpire cricket signals.
Instead of wacky dip, willie bounce.
He was callin for the 4 runs dance, the leg bye, leg bye, everybody do de leg bye.
6 runs, 6 runs everybody do de 6 runs.

All in all it was a nice fete, oh I almost forgot the ground was shaking, and I mean shaking. No not an earthquake, but apparently the grounds is on a swamp land area. That was definately a different experience.
So far so good.
Lots more still to come. I will let you know when its all online and on
Off to put my cameras to charge and grab some rest.

Corey Graham
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