Friday, July 13, 2007

On Assignment - St. Lucia Carnival 2007

This would my 3rd time flying outside of Barbados on assignment with BoomTribe.comm

My first trip being last Christmas for 1 night in Grenada, the next was 10 days at Trinidad Carnival 2007.

I now I am on my way to St. Lucia Carnival. This is one carnival that has managed to stay below my radar for sometime. Maybe because it is so close to my homeland's Carnival- Crop Over (Barbados)

This is a real adventure for I will have to figure out what happening. Of course, of course I am travelling with my cameras, yeah added on a video camera to the mix and I will be aiming to bringing you the sights and sounds of St. Lucia Carnival 2007. Yeah, and I will aim to keep my blog up to date with what my findings are.

Corey Graham signing of at an altitude the pilot has not mentioned as yet and somewhere between Barbados and St. Lucia on LIAT - well Caribbean Star.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

wid de door open, n u standing by it, i didn't think de pilot wud gotta mention that u were @ FL0 (flight level zero).... enjoy yuh self, n tek nuff pics (goes wid out sayin by now!)