Saturday, July 14, 2007

St. Lucia party Culture

I have only really been to one "party" so far and that was really more of a live concert.

So far it seems like when St. Lucians go out to party they do party. In this fete there was no vip section but you could see how the crowd seemed naturally fall into different social sections. While at the same time people moving freely around the party and everyone having fun.

One gal had told me earlier in the day that St. Lucia like to dress up.
I was quite wowed by all the different styles the ladies had been sporting. And the fete was outrageous in red, so it was interesting walking around and seeing what the shades and styles of red were.
Yeah, I can imagine the amount of talk that ladies will have in clicking through the gallery on

Off for an evening walk and hopefully a few productive meetings.

Till later bye.
Corey Graham
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Rich said...

Thanks Corey for the updates. I learning thru you of St. Lucian culture.

I also expect a detailed report on the Lucian wine.