Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time Management and Tasks

Experience is always a good teacher right ?
I have been working on being more effective and being someone that gets things done, I have tried many times to manage a daily tasks list but I usually get upset when i see a long list of tasks and I can't look at this list and find that everything is done.

Maybe not always literally.
I changed my perspective, after some pondering i realized that clearing a long list of tasks is ideal but should not be the ultimate measure of your success. What should it be then ? I believe it should be the results and the changes you making in your daily living. As I see it your tasks list is a bit of a wish list as we can't predict the future. You might set a task right now and then go into a meeting and in 5 mins the task is obsolete. and replaced by 5 new ones. So clearly you shouldnt tie your emotions to how long your tasks list is but how effective you are! Task list are a good way to capture all the little things the can slip your mind. Allow you to leave the office for a few minutes and not feel stressed and worried. you can have a good time and then come back and get right back into it.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Talking about things you didn't plan for ..

Today we recieved the music video for the Crop Over 2007 hit "She push In" by Blood, yip the same Andy "Blood" Armstrong of the former Square One Band.
Its produced by Shawn a new director. We had a good time in the office watching it the video was hilarious and a joy to watch. Trust me you are going to laugh when you see this.

Shawn is the guy on the left.

Second unplanned thing in the schedule for the day was lunch meeting with with Andrew and Ryan. Some fries and flying fish and brainstorming on some ideas for the internet radio station and improving in general, that was a pretty good meeting.

Finally today, Just, just ended with a quick interview with the Heineken Man about the first annual Heineken Music Festival which is a free concert and 3 stages !!!

Keep checking for more information

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