Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The View On The New Night Club

I am taking a few minutes of of the day to write this blog I really should have written from last Thursday. As we all know how the minutes of the day can just can just vanish away. I am working on my productivity and trying once again to work using a task list. More on that in another post. But today is about the latest night spot - The View.
The View is a pretty nice place owned by a top business man in Barbados. Its a restaurant, bar and night club, has 2 decks and a pretty large sized pool. I visited during the day and put together a nice little video for you to see .

The Night Club had a bit of a soft launch on Saturday Night, with an elegantly casual dress code people that came out were pretty impressed with the place. Mainly liming around the bar and having a good time with friends. I think its a nice spot for parties, especially special events. Our photographer from BoomTribe.com Corey Elcock was there. You can check out the full gallery by clicking on the link below.

Seductive Saturdays - The View

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