Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Decision Making in the Blink of an eye

I have been having some interesting weeks. In trying to improve my personal productivity I have realized that putting off decisions can really slow down alot of things, and sometimes putting of decisions can even impact in your own personal motivation.

Putting off decisions can cause lots of other issues to start popping up. Sometimes if you want to change certian habits you have, you can't look for the rationally best time to deal with an issue on the table.

Cause we all know how great we are at arguing with ourselves and ending up in the situation we were trying to avoid. Especially when we are trying to break a habit or change a certain culture that we find ourselves a part of.

So decision making was never anything simple and I want to share with you. The whole idea that we can make well informed decisions in a the blink of an eye. This is clearly something you just will have to practice at.

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