Monday, November 26, 2007

Email Psychology

After having been confronted a few persons about why they don't respond to my emails. But they are perfectly fine with responding to me via instant messenger or via phone, in direct response to the email. Even if it was hours after.
I thought it would have just been simpler to reply to the email the same time it was read, rather than keep it in your head and then possibly forget to talk about it/ bring it up in the next conversation.

That's logical well from my point of view,as a blackberry user for Almost 3 years now, its easy to think that way. Sending an email is as easy as sending a text or making a call. You are not confined to a table and chair you can send an email anytime and anywhere.

But as I removed myself from that perspective and looked at it from the perspective of the others I came to a realization.

I think that because our email inboxes for years now have been abused by spam and fwds and other not so important stuff, to a lot of people an email is just something to be read and not acted upon.

It is just an interesting perspective I thought worth sharing.
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