Friday, November 9, 2007

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If you have been following my Blog you would easily realise the spaces between posts, and I would have mentioned some increase in responsibilities.

I even had one nite where I was feeling pressure on my coming from different directions !! Stress!

I quickly realised that it was partly because I was keeping all the little niggling things to list in my head. And I would keep processing them, which keep the fear of not getting them done or forgetting them altogether very alive.
Needless to say when you are confronted by promises you made and they never materialize, whether at home or at work or to a friend. It really can play tricks on your mind - you quickly feel burdened, worried, some stripes from your self confidence seem to whither away, vanish completely.
And for those of use gung ho very confident people who know how to protect or regain our self confidence. There is still the problem of
- ratings
- reputation
- legacy
- strain on the relationship (professional or personal) that plague us.

I found and found that I was able to jot down things which took them out of my head and onto a list were I didn't have to worry about remember.
I found I was lighter, freer. In some cases far more productive because I could find a list of small things that too me 30 mins or less and really turned around some projects and help me out of the phase of putting out fires all the time, and in a place to proactive in all areas of life.
This quickly though became a little unmanageable it was just a 2 dimensional way of looking at things. The things to be done were either in Project 1, 2 or 3. And I couldn't use it on my blackberry.

That is when I stumbled upon Todomatrix by The really spent some time working on Todomatrix and you can see that from their white paper.

They basically created a system that can support GTD ( and Franklin Covey ( time management paradigms. Not one or the other as mutually exclusixe philosophies, but synergistically. And giving birth to 1 other area neither philosophy addresses directly

At the same time keeping todomatrix very flexible to your personal style and even situation. Not all of us might have an office for example...
NOW by their standard you don't just look at task by project or the time due but by in 7 dimensions

Place - where is this task to be done, on the phone, in the car, in the office, at the computer?
Level of importance - which quadrant is it in? Important and urgent? Important but not urgent? Not important but urgent ? And not urgent and not important?
Role - what is your role brother or sister? manager? Friend? Son or daughter?
Delegates - who is to work on the task.

After giving it a trial, I bought the software and I'll let you know how it goes. They say it takes 12 months to really get into it, and the real rewards are apparent 2 years after. But so far my mind is a little clearer, so I am looking forward to an even clearer mind.

Let me know of your own thoughts in terms of time/task management. I never really did a whole lot of it till now! Well outside my head that is.

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