Sunday, November 18, 2007

Machel Montano HD at UWI (last night)

Well still fresh from Machel Montano's performance at UWI Cave Hill in Barbados.

Sing " Yeeah' in a almost like a Ra, but more melodic, and raising the as you sing... Lol sorry I am talking about one of Machel's 2008 offerings he was performing last night.

With all kinds of things not going as planned from the clouds discharging bullets of water it dampened the spirits of many.... But yet still people were out, ready and waiting from 9 pm.....
... If you want the review check Keisha Humphrey was out covering for here first review.

It was Machel so the performance went down well. Of course Whining Season and Assume the Position drew the biggest response of the night.
The crowd singing almost the entire tune.

People wet from the rains were just wining and really enjoying themselves.

This is my Blog ( so I will offer a slightly different perspective ...
I found that Machel seemed to be testing and tease the crowd as he put down his new tracks....
As he said it himself!
he was in 2008, he is done with 2007

He gave us aleast 3 songs of his arsenal.

Will Machel have another big year?

What happens next?

Well start tuned to an HD station near you!

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