Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spoken Word show - Iron Sharpenth Iron

Iron Sharpenth Iron what a name for a show, I remembered the first time I heard this. I thought it was so profound, but nothing was going to prepare me for what I was about to hear.

This show by DJ Simmons and Adrian was certainly a great choice for my first spoken word show.

Lots of great talent in Barbados I could definately appreciate the several undiscovered musical talents in Barbados. And I know that there was great spoken word talent in Barbados but there was nothing that would have prepared me for the deep, playful, serious and real experience I would have.

The creativity that I witnessed was so amasing the seated audience lifted from a subdued relaxed refined sponge to a energetic electrified extention of these spoken word artiste. Blurring the lines between performer and performed for.

More on these guys coming very soon.
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