Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Red Star Lion New Album

I had a quick chat with Red Star Lion this morning for those of you who don't know Red Star Lion, he is a very promising Bajan Reggae artiste .... you can read more on Interview - click here
Bio - Click Here

He is telling me that he is working on a new track in his words "this tune gine be HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD - remember that i told you this - keyword is "happiness" that will be in da title look out for it"

So i figured i would let my readers know that Red Star Lion is currently in the booth creating what he thinks will be a hit.

Here is an uncut video of Red Star Lion in the booth putting down another track

click here

He's also one of the featured artiste on the Zion Roots Album - Reggae Baje Vol 2 : Reggae Is Love"

Listen to his entire track YOU ARE THE ONE on the album here (you can also purchase)

Check him out on - -

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Nice promo corey :) ..