Sunday, January 20, 2008

World Famous Club Zen Ladies 1st in Pier 2

After a few drinks with my gf and her friends in Coco Lounge I was off the Ladies 1st at Pier 2 in Chagaramus.

I was impressed with the set up for the fete with fire blowers, stilt men and a large dome for the stage with great lighting.

The crowd was very mixed in terms of there was every skin tone from the rainbow of Trinidad's ethnic diversity and age ranged widely as well, leaning more towards the younger crowd.

Though they got an A for the fete set up it seemed like I was in for a great night of entertainment, but it was a bit of a let down, it never got started until just after 12:30 pm and ...

Hunter was first out with his popular collab with Bunji Garlin 'Bring it in a flask or in a cup' and he did well with the crowd...... Remixing the song live with his
'Ya could bring it in a bingo bag or Ya could bring it in a thong' hahahaha

Destra and Atlantic were up next and I have to say Destra is looking tighter that usual. I mean her body that is. Lol.
The band though was just ok, getting a lack luster response from the performance .... Then for her hit song 'Saddle' she spent more that having here stage dance challenge 4 men from the crowd rather than jam the tune..... From there it seemed she was begging the crowd to move.

After some wait Shurwayne Whinchester and Caribbean Traffic Jam too the stage with a nice energy performing covers and some of their own track, by now the crowd was moving a bit, by not the crazed emotion you associate with Carnival!

It was approaching 4 am when Machel HD took the stage and he was took surprised by the poor movement from the crowd, but by them most people were tired and knew that Machel didn't have too much time left, having seem him the night before I had to leave as my ride was ready.

I'd rather see Machel in fine style in Carnival week so I didn't put up much resistance to leaving.

All in all it was still I great night, not quite the blast I expected but it was good none the less. Seeing the tunes performer live was a huge plus for me!

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