Friday, June 6, 2008

Baje off with a Blaze

I'm just leaving the Baje International Launch for 2008 with their concept 'Blaze'.

It was a nice short tight package, some short speeches

And they were off to the presentation.

Blaze is an interesting concept, definately out of the box.

Its a story of a Brazilian Secret Agent who travels the world in search of a dragon. Richard Haynes, being the story teller gave a short summary of the story and kept the crowd with him all the way sprinkling a little comedy on the top.

And then it was time for what Baje dubbed the world premiere of their Blaze 2k8 presentation.

It was a short video sent to all the major Caribbean Websites across the world to launch their 2008 presentation.

It was full of familiar faces from the Barbados Entertainment scene with the sexy Blaze being Lia Gajadar who definately played her role very well!

It looked like blockbuster action film. It was definately blazing. You definately need to watch it!

As for the costumes, let me be frank, I am a guy. To give a guys perspective?

They choosen girls to present the costumes were definately cute and the costumes looked like they won't fall apart and could tek a good Wuk Up!

Ok ok seriously now. All the ladies we interviewed for BoomTribe seemed to definately like the costumes. They were pleased with what they saw.

Look out for a short video clip of the launch in general on


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