Thursday, July 17, 2008

That is Wha I talking Bout

That is the tune ringing in my head from last night's Wadadah Back To School fete.
Almost everyone came out in their school clothes and with their less than perfect behaviour. Nuff pooch get spin (translation - wining)

I never remembered school uniforms in my day to be so relaxed! Short and wid so much variation and colour! And with so much skin showing.
Nuff naughty girls and mo naughty fellas

Looked like everyone came out to have fun and boi they did. Thank God for the rain holding up and between Krosfyah and Soca Superman Alvin Toppin, the fete was on fire!

Real students of all ages! Mostly looked to me like 25 - 30. But they were still many who I know aint see a school uniform in a while!

It was a good event Crop Over is on!
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