Monday, July 14, 2008

Wild Wet Weekend

I spent most of my weekend working on covering one of the biggest events for the Crop over season.

Caribbean Wet Fete 8 came down yesterday in fine style. I missed it last year because I when to St. Lucia Carnival. Mt pressure was baddd. Thanks to Ricky T. By the way he is the Reigning Soca Monarch of St. Lucia Carnival 2008.

Anyways back to my weekend. So after a good bit of planning we hit the road and tried to capture all the sights and sounds of wet fete and the actual show.

Oh yes get to meet up with soca journalist Nurse Karen. On a layover for a few hours in Barbados. After 3 weeks in the Caribbean.
I am sure there is lots to see.

Oh yeah, I got the check out Brewsters Rd on Friday night with the Monsta Piece album launch. Its the place to be.
Imagine a party that starts from 11 its relatively full and people never stop coming until after .... Wait people aint really stop coming. The door was shut at 2 pm and up till 4 pm, people were still arriving!

Stay tuned to for more on Wet Fete.

No Sleep this weekend and still going. No Red Bull, No Monsta Energy, just CG 2.0 juice coming to a store near you.

In pictures
Edwin Yearwood at Brewster Road, Crop Over 2008 - Monsta Piece album launch

The Good Soca Nurse Karen in the BoomTribe Headquaters Checking email.

Rupee in Brewsters Road getting ready to go live

Shoppers looking for Wet gear
In store

Wet fete wildness going on. I had to keep the camera dry.

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