Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bliss Summer 2008

The Esquire Gentlemen have stepped up their game once more.
Bliss summer edition was hott, definately one of the better parties of the season. I got there a bit late, it was a bit expected after leaving Wadadah when the sun was high in the air.
Anyways when the team swept thru the doors the party was never the same! Well that is because the time we got there, we everyone else seemed to have just crawled out their homes to make it for the last few hours of the party.
Wadadah I did the interviews with patrons while they were wukkin up, sneaked up on people blah, blah. It was fun.

At Bliss though the tables were turned. Ru Ru, the camera man, decided he was ready to do interviews after he had a few stern talks with Johnnie Walker. Lolol. Kerin Scott was there to do her interviews too.

On the job fun was had. Music was good, Stan and Bubbles played a great Soca set, and made way for DJ Billy one of the top Soca djs in Jamaica. He played and hour of dancehall though that wasn't so cool, 2 days before Kadooment. Some enjoyed it, but found a lot of girls sitting down during that set.
Anyways everyone loved the food. I hear a lot of talk about that, I went very late to get some and it did taste great!
I am not sure of all that was on the menu since I got there late, but the men of esquire did very well.
Anthony, Paul and Nigel keep making it happen! Blissfully !
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