Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crop Over is all over

So life after Crop Over brings today.

After this coming weekend's Thank you fetes, crop over will be over.

Congrats to Khiomal and Edwin and the whole Krosfyah family for their Party Monarch and Road March titles respectively.

I think this year was an alrite year for the festival, I think Crop Over is now definately back on a growth path since the artiste strike back in 2003, I believe it was.

The Red Boyz and Dwaingerous been making a massive waves with their music, and over the last 2 years we have had the addition of major shows. Soca on the Hill, Envy have been added to the roster, while wet fete, 10 to 10 are still holding their own.

The Red Hott Cohoblopott was back in full force this year with Machel HD headlining and putting down a good show with the lights of Lil John, Pitbull and TOK on the big stage.

The local acts were in good form especially Mr Soca Aerobics Nard, with his no had flips, stabby, John Mohameed.

Krosfyah was blazing as usual.

That was the highlight of the festival for me, to see Cohoblopott back as the big show to end the season.

Wadadah Back to School and morning Brek out were hott, and how can I forget Bliss was totally on point!
Envy was good, but more needs to be done.
And as usually Wet Fete kicked the season into full hype.

And now back to your regular scheduled programming.
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