Saturday, August 23, 2008

Liming In Radio Studio Live Wid VTM

If you know anything about Corey Graham 2.0 you would know the link with VTM....Virtuso Track Masters
Long time relationship with Drenalin Productions.
Like duh I was manager for VTM back in 2003, in Trinidad.

Anyways I am in the Radio station chilling with Dj Liner and Klassic Rebel for their Saturday Radio show on Next 99.1 FM - Reggae Link 'House Party'
from 7 pm til midnight.

Of course big up to the BoomTribe Radio crew in the studio in Barbados now live on Mixx 96.9 FM with the Caribbean Top Ten Charts.

Anyways VTM running the latest Dancehall and Reggae and dub plates a regular thing.

Large up to Kirk Radio Announcer with VTM in studio.

Live calls now, Katrina first caller with a little cute voice.
Melissa now calling saying she lonely. VTM seems to be pleasing.

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