Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meeting Luta & Fireman Hooper while I am off to Vacation!

I am off the a short vacation after a long Crop Over season and I meet up with 2 Vincy Mas superstars Luta and FireMan hooper.
The guys are off to Nottingham Carnival to mash up the place.

British Airways was on their 40th final boarding call so there was not much time for the guys to talk, but they still took the time to pose for a pic for my blog and run off.

This is Fireman Hooper's first year in a while not being the Soca monarch of St. Vincent.

Luta combines with the 'Rogaltic' Jamesey P for one of my favourite Vincy tracks....
'I drunk and feeling tipsy...... BALANCE ME!
Too much Alcohol inside me ....

The song is actually called 'Tipsy'

Luta also have me a copy of their BMobile sponsored album for this year.
'Vincy Mas Dans 08 - Feelin It'

The tracks I know on the album are
Muevete - Luta feat Jamesey P
Who e Hutt e Hutt - fireman hooper
Boeing Flex - Jalena feat. Problem Child
Crasy Hype - Skinny Fabulous feat Jamesy P

Well just heard they awarded more one more hour to sit in the departure lounge. I am sooo excited.
You have to love travelling in the Caribbean. Its an adventure!

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