Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Heat Just fuelling the Midnight Oil

All the major summer events and carnivals have passed.
The Crop Over is done and we are now in 24 hours Rotation of full publishing.
I am still hard at work on post production of footage and getting it up online.
The other areas of life are almost non existant as we are aiming to get out all the videos to be published. for the latest videos.

And don't think that is all planning is on for the rest of the year. Damn it feels like Christmas already!

Island People Mas is launching on Saturday and Tribe is having their UK launch this Saturday too ... I think.

In a meantime, in this darkness of late nights Corey Graham 2.0 is still evolving and transforming.

Its back to work now.
Corey Graham 2.0
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