Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wadadah Morning Brek out

Its not all the time that things go exactly as planned. The team of Sade Jemmott, Corie Elcock, Jaryd Niles-Morris Runako and myself decended on Baje J'ouvert to find a long snaking line to go inside.
And before we knew it the venue was shut down, as it was packed to capacity.

And so it was off to Wadadah and that was a cool fete. A little less number than I had anticipated, but packed with crop over tourists from all over the world. Today was my day to be a host for where I did all manner of crazyness in that party. Hosting is not as easy as it looks. Also reducing the rum intake might have done me a lot more good.

Its to see how it looks on camera now!

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