Friday, September 19, 2008

The Corey Graham 2.0 Ideology

I've had a very interesting night, which started off with me having to defend my new Corey Graham 2.0 logo. A case was brought to me that it was not marketable, or was not commercial enough.... It made me think. After speaking with someone close to me it, sparked me to communicate and to express a few things to you.

Now over the course of 2008 I have invested a tremendous amount of time and energy in developing and maintaining my online social footprint through my various blogs and social network profiles. I am not trying to sell anything to anyone, I am merely trying to create a relationship with other persons out there who share my views etc. I charge people with the full responsibility to make a decision as to if they want to be a part of this relationship, to read, follow and comment on my blogs or choose if they want to add me as a friend on the various social networks.

Yes I am charging you to make your own decision. I am not trying to force things down your throat....
Much of marketing today has come down to forcing things onto people that don't need. Or better yet to persuade them that they need it. Although it adds no real value to their lifes.

The consumer is not charged with the responsibility to make the decision, in many cases there is complete disregard for your know that. I can see you nodding your head now!

Recently I have been taking the time dig deep lay the foundations for my long range plans. To really live my dreams. As I understand it my core assets are my creativity and my passion for teamwork and building up people.....

If I can do nothing more that help/inspire others unleash their potential and achieve greatness, I will be satisfied with my life.

If I can become the type of person that you do not "spend time with", but rather you invest time. Then I am good, my life is complete.

5 years ago I received a dream for a company Drenalin Productions to develop and build Caribbean creativity. Following this dream has caused me see the darkest times in my life over the last 5 years. I had more than my fair share of humbling experiences in that time, some sparks of brilliance but most of all ALOT of learning. Today though, I can honestly say that I play my part in motivating and inspiring people to unleash their potential and go after their dreams. I can't yet describe for you how I do it but I can tell you where it started. I started with me, I motivated myself to go after my dreams and one day I looked up and saw others doing the same!

Now more than ever is the time to get moving on your dreams. Seth Godin puts it as "small is the new big". where the power of the internet is creating massive opportunities for all kinds of small entities.

Drenalin Productions mission is to create, build, and support innovation in the Caribbean Diaspora by developing successful products and services for a creative life.

Now guess what ??? Corey Graham 2.0 brand is a product of Drenalin Productions. Let me explain ...

Drenalin is a dream

A perception of a reality that exists in the mind

A source of ENERGY and STRENGTH

Bounded only by the thoughts created in the mind

It is a Dream

Now this developing sense of hope

Sparks the adrenaline flow,

Arousing the senses

Stimulating the mind and

Creating a surge that is



Corey Graham 2.0 is a personal brand that is really about living your dream and approaching your professional life in a creative way. This is reflected in my personal branding and my logo. It all starts from a simple idea..... this thought embodies the core concept.

I don't feel like ideas come into my head to die there. (Karen Richardson. poet)

I am aiming to build relationships with persons who are living their dreams and approaching their professional life in a creative way. My logo and all other CG 2.0 endorsed projects will reflect this....

There still might be another 5 years until I can get Drenalin Productions off the ground in totality, however I felt like I needed to communicate this for some general clarity. I'm not a hussler.

Corey Graham

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