Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dirkmouse Wins 4th Heineken Green Synergy Final in Barbados

After a week of no rain, just 8 hours before the competition I felt droplets from the sky and with disbelief I just stood there... finally the reality set in that this year's Heineken Green Synergy Competition was going to be a rainy one.  

Usually when the rain falls we expect some kind of upset, but would that be the case?  

This year the competition undertook a new direction as Heineken revamped the contest from a skilled based dj show to a more crowd friendly experience where the dj on show would use their abilities, skills and technique to wow and encourage the people attending to party hard while enjoying ice cold heineken.  

I was expecting a much more explosive set from The Rebel and DJ MVP, having seen them in action in the previous years. I liked their sets from the previous years better. The newcomers Skribz, Cyclone and NRG gave a good showing on themselves, but they didn't quite keep the intensity there to trouble Dirkmouse.  

Dirkmouse 'The Boss' was in decent form, from listening to some comments in the crowd they felt he had won by the first 6 selections. He juggled tunes quick and kept the crowd with him. He cleared he was not going to play back any tunes, and he was not sticking up..... But then, he shhh the crowd and introduced his 'So Special' Dubplate. 

...... Heineken Show, Heineken Show.  
Cyclone you nuh special, nuh special, nuh special etc 

That got the biggest forward of the night. From back to front., front to back. Even though his other 'special' tricks were off, since one of his CD players had malfunctioned, he still managed to think on his feet and keep his performance going, although the missed tricks really left the crowd curious at the end of the show. At the end of the day, just keeping it together after a missed trick Dirkmouse 'The Boss' you special. 

This jock is not a 1 hit, 2 hit or three hit wonder for that matter he is now barking up the tree of legend with 4 hits.
Dirkmouse is the only Bajan DJ who knows what it feels like to be the Heineken Green Synergy Champion of Barbados, winning the competition since its inception.
For that reason I am challenging to you to win the Caribbean Show prove you really earned the right to be called "Da Boss".  
Time now for big leagues!!! Caribbean Show. 
Are you a big day boy? We will see if you are a Usain Bolt or Asafa Powell. Check out video of Dirkmouse interviewed by Sharisse of BoomTribe.TV after Heineken Green Synergy 2008... Trash talking all the way as per usual.

Corey Graham 2.0

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M.V.P. said...

Congrats Dirkmouse. Next year.