Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It Was Written "Celebrate Life!" - Thanks For All Birthday Wishes

It was written from the end of 2007 ...  and I can honestly say that it came to passssss. I was not sure how it was going to work, but it did! 
At the end of 2007  to the start of 2008 I did 3 things
  • I had written a long list of new year resolutions.
  • Added the 2.0 to my name.
  • Then I rang in the new year with good friends and co workers at Bliss-The Masquerade Edition.
Featured on my list of new years resolutions were -
- To throw my first event in Barbados for my birthday
- To take the time to launch something new
- To be around friends and really "
Celebrate Life" as MR Vybe would say!

All that was written definately did come to pass - 
- Launched a New logo!! designed by Jaryd Niles-Morris

- received many well wishes (esp on facebook)

- got a happy birthday sung on my voicemail from ma old school mate Janelle Headley. Then Nurse Karen did a funky 2.0 remix to that too (expecting a big tune from her soon)
- received gifts and a card from the important people in my life. 
- Took some shots with the BoomTribe crew and made some music!! with Ru Ru, DJ Hoodini and Stan "The Man"

What a Wonderful World Heineken REMIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if this is not Celebrating Life .... I dont know what is!! We celebrated Heineken beer!

- and hosted the 4 & 2.0 Exclusive VIP Party ...thanks to DirkMouse "The Boss" and BoomTribe for making it happen. Any thanks to the patrons for attending. I was really disappointed that due to some camera trouble I was unable to get more pics of the persons attending, but here is it none the less!

The celebration is now over, time to make some more waves and then "Celebrate Life", that should be in the next 20 mins or so! 

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