Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tarah Holdipp Upclose & Personal Interview

Get up close and personal with new Soca Artiste Tarah Holdipp.
I don't want to spoil it for you, it sounds and looks so much better when she says it. I am not that cute
Besides a lot of the men out there would love to get up close and personal with sexy Tarah, so this might be the closest you will ever get... oh and it's in her home too. lol. And to add with it shot and edited by my boy, Selwyne "Get Bizi" Browne.

Get Bizi - great job on this video, I would have preferred more shots featuring Tarah's hips but say what. Let me leave em hips alone!

Tarah's featured on the "Feel Nas" riddim with her tune "All Nite"
Find out more about Tarah and listen to her myspace page designed by Jaryd Niles-Morris.
Jaryd also did the photography for the profile photo and the background photo. Good work, for sure check out Jaryd at - 

And now with no further delay Tarah Holdipp's Myspace!

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