Monday, September 22, 2008

Virtuoso Track Masters (VTM) - Launches New Compliation - "DAGGERING"

DJ Liner and Klassic "Rebel"

Another in the long list of compliations from the VTM Camp, one thing VTM brings to the table is consistent creativity. It's that the drew me to join the crew and throughly enjoy a short stint managing them.... Anyways ..

The Virtuoso Track Masters (VTM) co-hosts (alongside Nappy Head Trooper) and producers of REGGAE LINK on Next 99.1FM, bring to you a hot compilation of current dancehall summer hits, as well as brand new releases and exclusives, tightly mixed for maximum listening pleasure. Appropriately entitled 'DAGGERING', the theme of this compilation builds on the now defunct 'HOT WUK' era of eroticism, and takes it a step further. Note that some songs on this compilation do have alternate themes and messages.

To obtain 'DAGGERING' click the link above and follow download instructions. The compilation is presented to you in a WinZip Archive format containing the individual .mp3 tracks and 1 playlist .m3u track. To play you must have Winzip or Winrar. Unzip the archive and open the playlist track "VTM PRESENTS DAGGERING". For best listening conditions ensure that your player does not create gaps between tracks. Included in the archive is a VTM Reggae Link Bio.

Check out more info on VTM at and

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