Monday, October 13, 2008

Guilty Pleasures At Hilton Barbados

"Guilty Pleasures" The dessert event of the Taste of Barbados Food Festival was an event that sparked my curiosity, after hearing it was at the Hilton I had imagined an indoors event with a table of just chocolate cake, lots and lots of it!

However my interpretation of the theme was not quite how it materialized on the night. It was an outdoors event held at the Old Fort, with the canons over looking to sea. It really set to mood for the event i thought with samples of cakes, shrimp, icecream and many other desserts, I overheard many a conversation. "Don't tell my personal trainer, but I got to have some more of this!"

The rain really did put a damper on the night but with free wine and other liquors available at the bar free of charge, patrons found it easy to restore their body heat once the rains were complete! lol. So the people stayed, however the scheduled free massages had to be postponed. This made the way for the feature of the night - Live Ice Carving by Chef Hinds - Watch the Video above! It was definately something to see how easy and simple he made it seem, while explaining alot of the details behind ice carvings.

It ended with the Boogie Nights band lead by John King and put an end to a rather different and interesting night.

It has sparked my curiosity to take in some of the other events of the Barbados Food Festival next time around! Must thank Mr Phil Phillips for inviting me out to this event. I did enjoy it and you certainly worth your salt putting together an event. Guilty Pleasures was a well crafted event and left me curious about the rest of the Taste Of Barbados Food Festival.

Thanks Phil - Cheers!

Corey Graham 2.0

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