Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Perspective On Soca Music

Its not often that I write my thoughts in this particular Blog. Most of my thinking and ideas tend to hit my Biz

I just wanted to share a way of looking at Soca especially as it relates to the Caribbean.
I think of the genres of music we have in Caribbean Diaspora. Soca is the one that is truly owned by the entire Caribbean. We all have festivals and we all have our own local artistes, promoters and governments who put a tangible investment into Soca music and carnival.

As the world's music industry evolves maybe, just maybe Soca has already taken on the formation of the future music industry, because of the forces of this structure which is dying.

Its my payoff for us all especially those in the industry to embrace this structure and thrive.

That's just a perspective.
Corey Graham 2.0
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Karen L Richardson said...

what structure, exactly? Gov't support?

Corey Graham 2.0 said...

Gov't Support in terms of promotion by the Tourism Authority and then the major events are organized by a government entity. along with other assistance governments lend from time to time.

the structure would really be the business model.