Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nexcyx Live In Jumbies

Photo By Jaryd Niles-Morris
Corey Graham 2.0 and Nexcyx Lead singers
Mahalia & Rochelle

After a night of bar hopping, starting on the Gold Coast of Barbados (West Coast) I ended up in Jumbies in St. Lawrence Gap watching local party band Nexcyx performing live in Jumbies. Just back from their performance at the Synergy SuperModel 3 in Trinidad at Pier 1 they were in fine form.

They were in fine form, bringing full energy to the Jumbies their Saturday Night home. Mahalia and Rochelle really out did themselves. Its been a little while since I saw them performed and they are really starting to come into their own now. My only complaint of the night was that I felt like the ladies were dressed a little conservatively and I felt like more could be done to enhance the on stage scenery. "Stage presence" as it were!

Here are their links online that you can get connected with them.
Facebook Fan Group
Facebook Fan Page

Here are some clips I took of Nexcyx ...

Nexcyx At Heineken Barbados Full Moon Luau 2007

Lead singer Mahalia of Nexcyx Interviewed by Garvie

Corey Graham 2.0

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