Thursday, November 6, 2008

Red Star Lion & Dub Pistols Go Live Together For The First-Time


Last Saturday night I was fortunate to see Red Star Lion go live for the first time with Dub Pistols at the Virgin Atlantic Barbados Music Festival 2008. They recently released a track together called "Peace Of Mind" which has been getting a very good response.
This particular track performed in the video though was just an instrumental that Dub Pistols gave the Red Star Lion and asked him to write something on it. So said so done. Anyone that knows dub Pistols know that they just go on the vibe of the moment and that is what happened in the clip above. They called back out Red Star Lion to jam this new tune. I really wish I could give you the name of the track, but there is no yet!!!!

Watching them you would never guess that is that case. It was full energy while they were on the stage. Liming after the show with Red Star Lion and Barry, they were talking about how great the performance came off. Barry, the band leader said he was a little bit scared at how Dub Pistols would be received, but they came out and gave it full energy in true Dub Pistols fashion. After a few minutes Barry said looked into the crowd and saw everyone grinning and he was relaxed. Barry and Red Star agreed that the stage was definitely unique and they were scared that it might just cave in. I am thankful it didn't! 

Dub Pistols Live on stage at another event

I certainly enjoyed watching local star sharing the stage with the UK heavy weights. They both seemed to mesh so well, especially considering they didn't rehearse. Nope they didn't. It shows that music can really bring people together, 2 sets for people of similar passion but different background can share a stage and present 1 stunning and exciting show.

As for that track with no name, its going to be recorded and processed and tagged. Look out for that in the coming weeks! 

And now presenting your feature presentation Red Star Lion Live with Dub Pistols

Red Star Lion Live With Dub Pistols

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