Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Island Lime On BET J - Empress Jeanille On the Case!

I am sure that by now you have seen the "Island Lime" on BET J every Saturday. We have to big up the True Caribbean Empress.
Yeah, its that cute Trini girl back at it again. Yeahhh, the one with the dimples .... that was on Tempo? Exactly ... the one with the dreads! Yup that's the one.
Today I had the pleasure of catching back up with the Empress today after many months. And I found....Wait, let me use her words -
"I'm workin with BET networks now, developing their Caribbean programming on "Island Lime" Saturdays and hosting their Island Specials"
Yeah, I have to big up the Empress! She casually dropped it in the conversation...I was like this girl is now my hero now!!! This called for immediate action!! I called for a halt to the regularly scheduled programing and I headed straight for the CG 2.0 Live TV Studio.
We had some technical difficulties and we didn't quite capture the very special CG 2.0 Empress Jeanille impression. lol. However, the rest of the short segment focusing on this Caribbean Empress is available for your viewing pleasure. Expect wildness  from me of course... is Jeanille spoken for or is she in single? Check it now out - - in the on demand section.

Here are the shows in the Island Lime currently scheduled on Saturdays- 
'Soundcheck" airs @ 11am/8:30p/11:30p
'When the Walls Talk' @ 2:30 pm
'Wicked Style @ 4-6p'
At the time of the broadcast, Empress Jeanille was in the BETJ studios working on the edits for the Soundcheck for this Saturday, featuring Mr Lova Lova, Shaggy! I am sure that Shaggy's lastest video - Bad Man Don't Cry  will be featured. Right Jeanille?

Here is clip from Soundcheck-

Jah Performs LIVE on Soundcheck on BETJ on Nov. 8th!!!

Keep up the good work Empress Jeanille!

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