Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shots from the 3some Wed Mansion - Corbelune

I am here on location at the 3 some Wednesday mansion, I got to say its going to be one crazy party. Its real mansion, with lots of grounds.

I am actually thinking I would live here! I would consider leaving my beloved St. Lucy.
Anyways back to the party its crazy venue, and for all you ladies with style and grace...this mansion will definitely tickle your fancy.
Its actually also fully covered so you can wear your sexy heels.
That is of course until its time to wuk-up! And also you will have 2 bathroom.
Oh for guys we have amm, drinks and ladies. Your bathrooms. Amm, I will have to look into that. However there is lots of bush!

Before I forget directions. Its 2 mins away from Bussa roundabout.
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