Sunday, January 25, 2009

Elephant Man Number 1 on BoomTribe Caribbean Top 10 - Jan 24

Ele is at Number 1 with Sweep this week on the BoomTribe Top 10 Caribbean countdown(

The photo is from the last time I met Elephant man.
I had the pleasure of interviewing him and what struck me the most was how he responded to one question.
"This is my destiny"

It was very interesting hearing that, because I had grown so accustomed to Caribbean artistes always looking at what they do as something for a particular time period.
It was interesting hearing that quiet confidence 'this is my destiny'.

Imagine is the thing you are doing today, or the person you are becoming today. Is that your destiny. Is that something you really believe.

Just do it! Make it happen!

You just might be Number 1 one day.

And yes Ele did say 2020 he will be still "sweep"
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