Friday, January 2, 2009

Tarah Holdipp Launches New Song and Music Video!

Its 2009 and I have something to shout about - Tarah's new music video has been released! It starts off with Push Back and then rolls into her brand new track "Love De Carnival".  It is a sweet, sweet track. I can imagine moving back off after lunch on Carnival Tuesday ... to this track. 
I mean imagine it. Food in ya belly and after spending the whole morning in the blazing sun, wining and wukkin up. And you starting to move off again feeling a little stiff, feeling a few aches but you "wukkin ya waist" and "love di carnival".
Trinidad Carnival 2009 is around the corner!

Here is Tarah's account of the making of the video ...
It all started with producing the tagged for ‘Push Back’. This happened on November 9, 2008 and what freaked me out was we expected the tag to be completed in about 2 hours. We were wrong…….it actually took about 4 ½ hours to shoot. The reason??? We were having tooooooo much fun and didn‘t care about the time. The dancers and I had a blast.

On November 29, 2008 was the shoot of ‘Love De Carnival’. The key crew members including myself reached location at 10 am. It was a long trek across sand, gravel, mud and grass before we reached the location with heavy equipment, food, makeup, clothing and other materials. The shoot for this song took approximately 10 hours.

Thanks to Selwyne "Get Bizzy" Browne and his crew. To Nicholas and Maurice luv yuh bad, my true inspiration to creating. Lorena for photography and Dance Machine dancers. To the people who played many roles that day, Lia Gajadhar, (Manager Director, Makeup Artist, Creative and Artistic Person, Technical Assistance); Anthony Best (Stylist and Creative and Artistic Person, Technical Assistance) and Romel ‘Sanctuary’ Bennett (Song Writer and Technical Assistance).

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Behind the scenes Part 1

Behind the Scenes Part 2
Music Video At Broadcast Quality

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