Sunday, February 8, 2009

Faye-Ann Lyons Is Having A Huge 2009

Fay-Ann Lyons is really having a bumper year 2009 is a year she will surely never forget. 2008 was a good year for her winning the Road March with her song "Get On". 2009 is even better with her hits "Heavy Bumpa" actually at number 4 on the BoomTribe Top 10 Caribbean Countdown. And the ever popular "Meet Super Blue" which she plans to perform for Soca Monarch this year. Fayann is showing she is a class act.

Here is her interview on the BoomTribe Radio Show

Check out the video of her performing while 8 months pregnant! Faye-ann was always well known for her abs its definitely different watching her performing but she is still mashing up the place. Here are some photos to prove it!

CG 2.0 & Faye-Ann & Her Legendary Abs in 2002
CG 2.0 & Faye-Ann & Her Legendary Abs in 2006

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