Friday, February 20, 2009

Gone TT Carnival 2009 Thanks to LIAT New Excess Passenger Plan (LOL)

Yeah in case you didn't know. LIAT is testing a new plan for excess passengers.
Similarly to the excess baggage policy. LIAT would squeeze you into any exceed space on a flight for an additional charge on someone else's ticket.
You will just need to be tagged with the LIAT "FRAGILE" tag as seen in the photo above and that's it. You can fly, fly.

I should let you read what the tag says in full including the small font.

Accepted for Transportation at Passenger's Risk

Apparently this is still very much an experimental project and there is no indication when it will reach mainstream.

I am grateful for it, because just when it seemed like I would not see any of Trinidad Carnival 2009. Something Miraculously worked out!

I will be aiming to keep up a daily blog on the carnival! Stay tuned for more!!!
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