Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moving Fete To Fete - And there is Bake and Shark & Pork

I promised myself to take it easy. After insomnia it was time to rest. Problem is that when you staying with a Trini, their concept of resting is slightly skewed on a Carnival sunday.

My Carnival sunday lunch is had while jamming to some sweet soca. I haven't had a bake and shark like the one above in a long time. Sadly you can't taste it.

The music this year is nice with a wide open Road March tune.

I have to say my experience of Trinidad Carnival this time was way more cultural. In the sense that I spent time around more Trini events and with the everyday people. Not to too much on the carnival "tourist events".

I had to say its nice, sweet. Every man, woman child of all ages seem to be caught up with this vibe.

Anyways. Bake and shark time. Souse is on the menu.
Sadly the server looked at me and asked if "Chicken or Pig"

Pork alllllllll the way!

Its important to eat healthy in carnival!
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