Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Caesar Entertainment "ROME IS MINE" J'Ouvert All Inclusive Band - Trinidad Carnival 2009!!!!!

One thing about Trinidad Carnival ... it is the J'Ouvert. I am telling you. J'Ouvert in Trinidad is sweet, sweet. I was catching up with ma friend Martha-Jillyan Arthur and realized she was a part of a J'Ouvert Band. See me let out "Ohhhhhh gosshhhhh". In my "bestest" Trini accent, and begging for more details.
I just heard ROME IS MINE - Emperors, Goddess, Gladiator and Warrior Princesses. I am here thinking wait a band that is just right for Goddess and even for the more aggressive ladies out there ... em warriors ... I digress.

Martha is responsible for the marketing so let me post exactly what she sent to me... Oh did you know just a few moons ago Martha was 2nd Runner up in the Miss Trinidad World contest. (Trini Accent) "Yesss. I telling ya boi". She is more than just beauty!
Now she is a part of Caesar Entertainment and doing her thing marketing the J'Ouvert!
Official Information - Untainted by Corey Graham 2.0
Caesar Entertainment is a promotional entity that deals with All Inclusive Jouvert presentations and event promotion such as parties, boat rides and other cultural events for several years now.
This year CAESAR ENTERTAINMENT is paying tribute to the Roman empire with a presentation that incorporates the Magnificence of Roman times with our unique Trini Carnival.
The presentation centers on royalty of the Emperors and their chosen Goddesses and of course there is no Roman empire without Gladiators..
So the sections would be Emperors and Goddesses and Gladiators and Warrior Princesses. We expect that our presentation would take our masqueraders back to the splendour and opulence of ancient Rome and remind them of the passion with which the Romans defended their empire.
This year CAESAR ENTERTAINMENT is continuing to pay special attention to security and crowd management to ensure masqueraders get an all inclusive experience that is safe and enjoyable. People can look forward to more events from CAESAR ENTERTAINMENT as we continue to build our brand and maintain excellence in event promotions.
These are the ACTION POINTS right here -
Our All inclusive 2009 Jouvert Presentation entitled ‘Rome is Mine’ will mix the splendor of ancient times with the revelry of Carnival.
Featuring 2 sections:



We’ll be looking like Royalty.

Your royal experience would include breakfast and a full bar of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Breakfast would be served before the revelry begins.

There would be a strong security presence including members of the Protective Services. This would ensure that your Jouvert experience is safe and fun-filled.

Caesar Entertainment ensures that our Jouvert route is safe from intruders, so you can maximize your Jouvert experience.

As usual secure parking is available so you can free up yuh mind and enjoy the fun.

You would be entertained by Synergy Soca Star- Chynee and a cast of star DJs:- DJ Kevin (Red 96.7 FM), DJ Memphis (91.9 FM), DJ Ringo Star and Atomic Sounds Family.
The splendor of the ancient times would come to life with the use of ROYAL colours.

And lastly…………Jamishness!!!!!
Sweet Soca blasting, drinks flowing, you ‘wining low’ bathed in royal colours…..this is the ‘ROME IS MINE’ 2k9 Jouvert experience. Come experience the sheer ecstasy of Trinidad Carnival, mixed with the splendor of Ancient Rome, you’re sure to have a great time. Can you feel it………..

PRICE: - TT$325

For more info and registration details contact committee members:

CAESAR - 383-9921
SAMMY - 728-1975
MARLON - 773-2310
MARTHA - 360-0111
My personal recommendation is to start with the last point first - Jamishness!!!
(Trini accent once more) Martha, I trust there is plenty "wine" organized for me!

Corey Graham 2.0

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