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TT Carnival 2009 Trip - Day 3- Insomnia

As I said before the days were blurred so I am just making up some 'days' as I go along.
Alrite so I left pan and headed to west Trinidad to Charguarmus for Insomnia the 12 hour party.

Luckily for me there was some major traffic going to the venue. That meant I could get my sleep! I was thankful a half hour trip turned into 2 hours!!!! Yeah, like I said I was not complaining!
I believe it was an effective use of my time. Proper time management I would say.
Finally Edwin(BoomTribe Photographer) and I reach MOBS 2 just about 2 am. I enter thinking I must have missed some of the top acts.
However, we apparently did not miss any acts, because the fete was delayed due to mud. yeah, apparently the mud made it dangerous for the bands lifting in equipment etc.
I have to say though that IP did a good job of putting plywood sheet over the muddy areas and made it tolerable and easy.
Apparently it is the last year for Insomnia. I was wondering why but on entering the fete I could see that Island people primary target market was no longer going to this event in their numbers.
I am assuming that they saw this happening a decided to start a second event for Carnival Saturday 'Dawn' and focus more on the target market they were aiming for and based on my reports 'Dawn' was hott!

Again we ended up in the VIP section and straight away we were taking pictures so that we could enjoy some moments of the live bands when they came on!

The very fit and toned Destra Garcia was first up, getting massive crowd response for her old hits. Destra was on that night, with her sexy outfit and her performance. The crowd by now was hungry for the live action to start. Personally I thought Destra could have done a whole lot better with her performance. She had the crowd going, but she stopped her tunes a bit too much and proclaim. "Allyah know I can mash up in here worse than this". I know its all about Destra, Atlantic dropping their name at the start of the season to become Destra's band. Destra, babes you can only mash up the place with the help of the people. Remember that.
Anyhow Destra's was still good as I said. Her performance was shorten to accommodate the rest of acts to come. I did not get to see the Alison Hinds, Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon collaboration performed. However I did see the Bacchanal performance. Yeah Destra is fully fit again!
Clear the stage, for Bunji Garlin the leader of the Godfathers Asylum and the Asylum band to take the stage.
Bunji was quick to announce that his wife, New Groovy and Power Soca Monarch Faye- Ann Lyons could not make it. She needed to rest. The crowd was very understanding, helping Bunji joined by Edwin Yearwood to sing 'Heavy T Bumpa'. I noticed they didn't attempt to sing Faye-Ann lyon's verses. Only the choruses. I thought it was a real show of respect, but maybe it was they were not comfortable performing it. After all I am sure voices were already well strained.
Edwin then took the stage and performed 2 of his vast collection of hits and left the stage to make way for...
"Oh Lord, Carnival come again...." Benjai took to the stage it was sing along time.
Benjai mash up.
Bunji took some time to bring back.. "If you looking for Baby you will find me by the bar" which the crowd loved and it made way for Scarface and 3 Sons to join on the stage.
As you might know or maybe you don't know. Beenie Man has been traveling with the Asylum crew and he took to the stage in true Beenie Man style to perform - "Plenty Gal" with Bunji Garlin or so I thought.
It became a freestyle battle. It was one of the best I have seen. Beenie man and Bunji Garlin freestyling like 2 school boys in a courtyard. Well complete with fireworks and a live show and a few thousand people. Lol. It was madness! Look out for some video of that.

By now it was day break and of course it was time for Machel and the HD Family. That's been the staple time for Machel on the Insomnia. Machel took to the stage in usual fashion, dancers along with Patrice, Farmer Nappy, Zan and Umi Marcano.

We have come to expect a proper show from Machel, pushing his song 'Wild Ants' which is a good wild out songs.
And when Machel commanded that the hoses be turned on.

When Machel pointed at the blazing morning sun at 7 am and sang.
"We won't stop till the sun comes up, cause we Jammin". I love that song!!

That was the last thing I remember before the fete finished and the traffic on my way back which took 3 hours instead.

And then I had Insomnia, I could not sleep!
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