Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TT Carnival - My Experience Day 2 - Part 1 Panorama 2009

Now I have big problem,

I don't know where the days began or ended on my trip. I mean we usually determine it by when the sunrises or when we awake from our sleep.

Considering I was always still in some party when the sun was rising and I never really slept. I really don't know where to start day 2.

So after some calling around getting things to eat, collecting passes etc. It was time to head to Panorama Finals in Port Of Spain with my friends.

I got what my friends called the 'true pan experience'. The bands perform in the "track" before they go on to the stage. This was as opposed to paying money to go into the stands. I thought it was just a cheap lime but I realized they were right about the true pan experience.
They set up themselves in the track and performed their selection a few times to get everyone warm before the bright lights of the stage hit them.
It was sweet to walk around the band and be right in front of the pan.
And it was interesting to watch the people from all walks of life standing around the pan and moving to the pan.
It was certainly an experience for me, I had never been to panorama before and clearly I have never seen an intact pan band. 100 people!
100 people in tandom playing the indigenous instrument of their land. An instrument that every Trini was proud of.
Something that stand as a symbol of their resourcefulness and creativity as a people.
I was glad to watch as the spectators where there having the special 'pan bounce'.
We saw Del Tones playing a sweet version of I am not drunk, desparados and the defending champions Phase 2.

We ended up spending most time listening to Phase II. They were the people's choice I was told. It helped that they played a tune that was the creative effort of the greats of Trinidad Carnival a track - Magic Drum
Arranged by - Len "Boogsie" Sharpe,
Vocal by Machel Montano
Written By Kernal Roberts

The people were definitely feeling this band when they went on the stage, people took off their shirts and jammed.
It was sweet.

Oh and we stormed the stage in between performances! Lol. I had a blast!!! For sure!
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