Monday, March 23, 2009

1st of the 2009 Island Queen events Coming to an End @ Taboo

Taboo was the place to be for the island Queen Contest. Admittedly getting there a bit late because I was delayed by another project we had been working on that ran over time.

The big news was that my boi Jaryd Niles Morris was a judge this year! Yeah, Jaryd was the creative energy behind my logo and is my Visual Communicator.
You can find some of Jaryd's work at

Believe it or not he will also be the man to photography these fine Caribbean beauties in a few weeks time. Take a look at his work and you can only imagine what the final product will be like.
I will tell you soon how you can book Jaryd, another creative Caribbean yout going after his dreams and passions.
Santia Bradshaw, John Doe, Andre Elias Kirk of Brewsters Road were those I could see from my vantage point. I got there a bit late remember! I didn't get to heard the judges names call out.

As soon as the show was over I grabbed the mic and me and RU RU headed to the backstage area to talk to the ladies.
Well its been a while since I jumped on the mic to interview anyone, but I found my instincts were a bit quicker, and sharper in terms of coming up with questions. Its to see how it looks. We talked to several girls backstage and in the crowd and got their perspective on the night.
What I found interesting was that every girl was scared to answer what was the weirdest thing a guy ever told them! I thought Tameisha, Saskia, Bonita, Ciji(great interview) and a few others whose names elude me right now really stood out.

I captured this shot of 'Miss Bubbly', Bonita Slyvester answering one of her questions for Roamin

Oh! for those of you not from Barbados. Taboo is the club in Bim with the hottest club night. And I took the time to make sure I get the exact location for you.
Yeah, so on your next trip to Barbados, business or pleasure, you can find taboo.

Taboo's Location on Google Maps:

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