Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2ntrigue with Insomnia - "Innocent Photographer" Meets Celeb

It is interesting how life turns out, networking can happen in the some truly intriguing ways. I can honestly say that after my recent experience, getting introduced to 2ntrigue. Its ironic after a month after I wrote a post on my Biz blog entitled "The Basic Concept Of Networking" that I am actually able 2ntrigue you.

The Story
At Girl Power
During my trip to Trinidad this year I found myself Insomnia taking photos of the patrons when I by chance met this beautiful young lady who was quite pleasant and open to conversation. We spoke for a bit about Carnival and Entertainment. She said I had taken a photo of her the night before which to be honest I didn't quite recall at the time. She posed for another photo for me and I moved on, which I had to appreciate cause a few ladies turned me down!!!!!!
CG 2.0 & Charli At Insomnia
Scrolling forward to today, I actually learned she was very much a real life Diva lol. Thanks to this new age of social networking and facebook, I actually found out she is a part of the group 2ntrigue! Check them out

Let me borrow some lines from their bio -
"The very name evokes a sensual yet mysterious atmosphere. These ladies hail from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. The soulful sisters exude sexy, sultry and they sizzle, yet manage to possess modest and intellectual qualities. "
These sisters are as cosmopolitan as the land of their birth. Having been blessed with great bone structures designed to fit in the modern day fashion industry, (Charli, with her dominant cheek bones and flawless glowing skin texture and Kelli whose face hints at their Asian ancestry)
2Ntrigue have garnered enormous respect for their vocal ability within the region and beyond. Their MUSIC a “pepperpot”…sizzling, spicy with just enough Caribbean flava with a dose of R&B and Hip Hop undertones creating sweet ear candy.
2ntrigue is definitely sexy and full of vocal ability and talent. You will see this in their featured tune and their music video. I am not going feature the photos.... I have to save up for another day! There is lots more on 2ntrigue coming. Stay tuned!!
Networking comes in different forms!!

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